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Switzerland Rapplon Highten ( Han Tang) provided by the company with the Italian Sampla rotary screen, flat screen printing belt with ease of installation , high printing accuracy and high reliability features to help you achieve the best printing process ! You committed to different raw materials perfect printed fabric , we either high standard to meet your needs !

Different conduction band and the traditional rubber , a new generation of powerful printing belt layer using Polyester polyester material or Aramid Kevlar material .

Polyester Polyester Material: suitable for rotary screen, such as MBK, Zimmer, Stock , etc. ; cloth clip- flat screen (Buser); short double- deck motor servo Tak Tak flat screen ( platen length of 25 meters or less )Aramid Kevlar material: dual motor servo drive suitable for flat screen , Dongsheng such as Japan , Taiwan Qi positive cases of the dragon, the new firm , Yu Sheng , German higher

Manner by extrusion calendering production of polyurethane belt, its advantages:
density, high temperature, easy to burn the conduction band
conduction band structure is more compact , more corrosion resistant , easy bubble
Between layer with no glue , easy layering conduction band
low molecular mobility , the interface is firmly

We have a superior performance of the original equipment , experienced technical staff , the interface can provide on-site service for the first time !

If you know of our model , and want to learn more about belts detailed technical parameters , please visit the information page printing .


Aramid Printing Blanket
Polyester Printing Blanket

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